※2020 ESC會議免註冊費申請(4/20截止)

25 Free Registrations for YOUNGER Members to attend ESC Congress 2020

2020 eligibility criteria:
【Be under 40 years old and/or be "in training"】+ 【Be an ESC Professional Member】
...Please note that the ESC ID is mandatory and it is strongly recommended to be an
   ESC Professional Member at the time of the deadline of 30 April (not after the results)

1) ESC ID:
2) Last name:
3) First name:
4) Date of birth: (西元/年/月)
5) Email:

限25名(滿額為止)。ps. 秘書處收到申請後將立即回覆確認收件,請惠予留意。

※ ESC說明文件(請點選文字下載參閱)※
    _ How can I create a MyESC account?
    _ How can the applicant find her/his ESC ID?
    _ How to check the Membership status of the applicant?
    _ How can the applicant certify she/he is indeed in training?
    _ How will the applicant be informed if her/his applicaton is accepted of not?
    _ If the applicant is not an ESC Professional member how can she/he join?
    _ After 31 May, if the applicants haven't reveived the confirmation email from the ESC,
       how to contact ESC?