Volume 21 Number 4 December 2005

177-189 Coronary Restenosis

190-198 Pleiotropic Effects of Statins

199-206 Low-Dose Perindopril and Indapamide Combination Compared with Losartan in theTreatment of Systemic Hypertension: A Randomized, Double-Blind Study

207-213 Euthyroid Sick Syndrome after Open Heart Surgery

  • Tsyr-Yuh Ho,1,2 Pi-Chang Lee,2,4 Zen-Chung Weng,3,4 Ming-Chih Tsai,5 Chi-Ming Liang,2Chih-Yuan Lin,6 Chung-Chang Laura Meng2,4 and Betau Hwang2,4
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214-222 Desflurane Inhibits U Wave in Electrocardiogram

  • Chern-En Chiang,1 Chieh-hung Li,2 Shih-Kuei Peng,2 Chu-Pin Lo,3 Juan-Ming Yuan3 and Hsiang-Ning Luk2,3
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223-228 Absence of PRKAG2 Mutation in Isolated Familial Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome  A Case Report

  • Chia-Sung Wang,1 Chia-Ti Tsai,2 Yen-Hong Lin,2 Kuan-Lih Hsu,2 Chuen-Den Tseng,2 Jiunn-Lee Lin2 and Yi-Lwun Ho2
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229-233 Spontaneous Renal Artery Dissection in A Patient with Contralateral Renal Artery Stenosis:Treatment with Percutaneous Endovascular Stent Placement

234-238 Right Atrial Tumor Associated with Metastatic Pulmonary Angiosarcoma  A Case Report

239-243 Reversible Left Ventricular Dysfunction with Apical Ballooning — A Case Report of Ampulla Cardiomyopathy